»» The hunters are investigating the death of an entire hunter base in Chicago HERE

»» Many hunters have retired since the decline in supernaturals

»» The hunters have demolished the vampire league and werewolf pack


Led by Requiem, the current belief pushed upon the hunters is that ultimate extinction of all magic and supernaturals is a must to keep humans and the city safe in whatever means a hunter deems necessary. No matter the age or good morals a person has there is little to no code of honor of what a hunter can get away with in terms of violence.

The New York City hunters was founded by Shadow Hunter Valcry. She helped forge the path forward for hunters to become what they are now. During Valcry’s reign there was a mysterious fire that burned down the entire base, after Valcry was never heard from again. Mina then succeeded Valcry as Shadow Hunter pushing more missions onto her hunters and rebuilding the base to the bunker that it is now. She recruited a vast amount of hunters and badges began to be given out to those who advanced in their jobs. One year there was a decrease in hunters and Mina suddenly stopped showing up altogether, no one is exactly sure what happened to her.

Requiem succeeded Mina and was the first Shadow Hunter to not have officially been next in line. He took over after the hunters dwindled in numbers and invented new weapons to help keep his hunters safe. Currently he has made every weapon and tool in the weapon bank. He also introduced the concept of familiars creating a collar that would be placed around a supernaturals neck and shock them into obedience. Thus allowing supernaturals to enter into the hunters base for the first time. Thanks to the advancements in technology and supernatural backup the vampire league and werewolf pack has been successfully eliminated leaving only the rogues sprawled out throughout the city.

The hunters base is located in a bad part of the city where population is lowest. Across from their building is nothing, but grassland and garbage while beside their buildings are empty warehouses. Their base appears just as run down and abandoned as the buildings next to them. The surface of their warehouse is used to keep vehicles while the staircase down to the bunker is where hunter headquarters is actually located.

VAULT After missions hunters will sometimes collect rare artifacts and findings that can be stored for future use or safety within the vault. Inside of the vault are old artifacts, monster weaknesses, and a collection of werewolf and vampire DNA in the case of someone being bitten. The shadow castor commonly organizes the vault.

BASEMENT No one truly knows what the hunter base originally was before the hunters moved in, some guess it belonged to the government others consider it may have been a bunker for the end of the world. One things for sure the hunters have barely scraped the surface of their HQ as their base goes far deeper than just the first few floors. No hunter has ever fully mapped out the basement, some even claim the hallways switch around. Luckily no hunter has yet to get lost, but it’s not uncommon for hunters to make claims that there are creatures lurking below. The basement is typically off limits to everyone, but no one does a good enough job enforcing that. Any locks put on the basement door are gone or broken by the next morning.

TRAINING ROOMS The training rooms are mainly fitness areas for weight lifting equipment, areas to practice running as well as arenas to practice a wide range of combat. Within the training rooms is one large classroom for younger trainees to study and learn. There are also two meeting areas that are typically empty, but have a long table, chairs, a white board, lots of plants, a fake window with artificial light, and a large flat television screen.

WEAPON FACILITY A wide range of weapons can be find in the weapon facility. The place is setup with a museum appearance with rarer and more extraordinary weapons kept in glass cases to ensure trainees or untrained hunters cannot access the more mass destructive ones. There are sign up sheets next to certain glass cases allowing hunters the chance to learn how to use certain weapons. Most of the weapons are located against the walls or neatly set up on the tables. There’s also a sanitary area where weapons can be left at for a few hours and returned once they’re clean.

PERSONAL ROOMS Within the hunters base are personal rooms, every personal room has a large workspace complete with a desk, chair, bookshelves, two extra seats, a small table for a lamp, and office supplies. The personal rooms also include a bed, kitchen area, a couch with a coffee table, and an extra room. Not every hunter lives in their personal rooms, but some use it to get some rest, study, or to be left alone. There’s also a free tea delivery service, but no one knows who runs it.


LIBRARY Among the oldest areas of the hunters base is the library. The original hunters base was mysteriously burned down, but among the wreckage the books had survived. Each book has protective seals to keep them safe from destruction. The library is old looking and has the appearance of a 1950s library, wooden with tall shelves out of reach from any persons hand. Its two stories high with ancient texts, cursed books, some of the binding is even made from human flesh. In the library is a massive window with a fake light screen behind it giving the illusion of sunlight.

LABRATORY The laboratory is among one of the most expensive and well-kept areas of the hunters base. Trainees have to sneak their way into here as its one of the more dangerous areas of the hunter base if you’re not certain what you’re doing. In the labs are where weapons are made and new technology is tinkered with, often unstable. Down the halls towards the lab are the damnation rooms, most of the time empty of monsters while others are permanent residents. Only hunters have the ability to unlock the damnation room doors, no trainees are able to.


KITCHEN The kitchen is more of a lounge area for hunters to meet up, eat, and small training practices can take place. This is a considered a common area that any loner type of hunter would do best to avoid.

Sometimes, the shadowhunter will assign missions to hunters, as well as the general public on a board located in the bunker. With these missions can come extra points or even special rewards! Keep an eye out on the mission board, these jobs are difficult, but they can certainly work out in your favor!

• The mission must be completed to get points (you will get 25 points for attempting it though!)
• Don't forget to assign a roleplayer to be the monster described in the thread
• This is meant to develop and explore your characters feelings and motivations so don't forget to have fun and enjoy the story!

A small group of humans have been spreading semi-accurate rumors about the hunters, including their existence and growing numbers. While they aren't being taken seriously by other humans, the supernaturals are listening in. Your job is to find where they're learning these things from and shut them down, peacefully if possible.
REWARD: 35 points

With more hunters acquiring familiars, the demand seems to have increased. In an effort to gain more familiars a team of you have set off to try and capture some supernaturals, but it seems you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Will you get away, slay, or effectively capture the supernatural back to base?
REWARD: 40 points

There is said to be a forest where people see those who have disappeared in their lives, the people they have lost. It's also said that many take their lives after; perhaps it's a death omen. You need to check it out; who in your lives have died? Disappeared? Will you get closure from this, or find yourself committing the same atrocious acts those before you have done?
REWARD: 30 points

There's a creature out there, rumored to be able to force people to 'relive' their lives, feeding off their second timeline. The group searches for the creature, to have one of the members fall victim to the reverse. Your group has to work together to send them back and force them to change their minds. Reminder: they will be living the best versions of their lives, where they have lost nothing. What can you do to make them want to return to reality again?
REWARD: 30 points



NOVICE » between 0 to 50 points. You're just starting out and ready to learn! Welcome to our ranks! You'll be able to learn how to throw a knife and shoot a gun, and you'll be starting to get the hang of it. The beastiary has been read once or twice, but you're still learning new things here and there. The more you practice, the better you'll get!

INTERMEDIATE » between 50 to 100 points. You're just getting the hang of it! You've gone on a few hunts and helped take down some monsters, and it's starting to grow on you. You're starting to develop some skills and tricks of the trade, and your own style too! Keep up the great work and keep practicing your more detailed moves! Keep up the good work!

ADVANCED » between 100 to 200 points. You're the kind of person that tne younger hunters look up to now. You know the tricks of the trade and how to defeat normal monsters; it's becoming more normal for you now. You've specialized in a specific set of weapons and you're now working with some higher up hunters on your missions. Great job!

EXPERT » between 200 to 400 points. Taking down monsters don't seem too hard now, do they? You're now consulted by hunters when things get rough, and you can take down a fully fledged monster by yourself. Every trainee wants to be mentored by you!

SHARPSHOOTER » between 400 to 800 points. You practically kill monsters for breakfast. You're given greater missions now by the shadowhunter, and you have a name amongst the hunters, known for how great your skills are. You're practically famous!

MARKSMAN » between 800 to 1500 points. You're an assassin, you're a story now, one passed along the hallways by excited trainees, whispering when they see you. You're practically some of the best hunters ever produced, with an ability that few can rival. Winning isn't even a big deal anymore, and it's no longer about survival, you're thriving in this business and you're well known for your work.

LEGENDARY » more than 1500. You are legenary. It's baffling how many monsters you've killed. You truly deserve a spot on the archives of the most high ranking officials in the hunters, and you're practically an urban myth to the others. Hunters can only dream of becoming you, and your name will be etched upon hunter history for years to come.


1 Contribution - 2 points

Add a Character - 5 points

Create a Thread - 10 points

Create an Adoptable Hunter Thread - 15 points

Promoted - 15 points

Create an adoptable - 15 points

Trap a Monster - 25 points

Mission Completed - 25 points [on top of what you earn on a mission]

Kill Monster - 50 points [can't be your own character]




DRAINER RIFLE: Can take out someone’s power temporarily (Cannot work on a species that is one of the two most highest point rank). This gun can work on humans as well. If used on humans they are likely to pass out or feel weak. It cannot kill. Because it is a rifle it is hard to use in close combat, but is also good at being use in close range. It is not a bullet so much as a blast of power that cancels out supernaturals magic. Because of this the blast can sometimes get jammed in the barrel and cause complications.

DAMNATION: These are prisons carefully made that can hold supernatural beings by defusing their power within the Damnation room. It is an entirely white, circular room that is the size of a cell. Familiars are commonly kept in them.

OBEDIENT COLLARS: Although they don't alter the mind to make someone obedient they are highly powerful collars that can go to high voltages to keep unruly captive supernaturals in their place. Equipped with a tracker they are laced with high quality materials enough that even a supernaturals strength couldn’t break. Supernaturals who have the power of electricity or can change form often require more enhancements to their collar and are more likely to get away. This is why demons are unable to be captured because of their ability to mess with electricity signals. The collar can come off with a certain password. The password only appears by their handlers voice thumb print.

FLASHLIGHT: A device that looks like a flashlight, it is capable of identifying a species and their powers. The device must be shined directly into their eyes and a screen at the base of the flashlight will display the results.

POWER EXTRACTOR: Is a powerful hand held gun that can drain any supernaturals power away and is the better version of the drainer rifle. Few hunters have it because few are correctly made. This gun is capable of keeping supernaturals at bay longer and unlike the Drainer Rifle can severely hurt humans, but cannot kill.

ELIMINATOR RAY: A ray that is attached to a ceiling in a special room located at different areas of the base. A table is usually set below it with straps. The ray is directed at a trapped supernatural and is turned on directly above them extracting their supernatural DNA from them. This will turn them to a human state. This stripped DNA can be stored or destroyed. (Must have roleplayers permission to use this on their character) It can also take away part of their power if the process is interrupted. The eliminator will kill a demon or angel if used on them. Although it's an amazing machine it rarely works correctly.


The leader of the hunters

No one knows his name exactly or what lies behind his goggles and mask, but he is an odd hunter. He specializes in catching mutants and loves to attack them and even try to kill them, he is one to toy around with his prey. He definitely has something wrong in the head or at least a big vendetta against the mutant community. Either way he often takes hostages or enjoys using his secret weapon to steal mutant powers and sell them for cash. He is often suspected of having mutant powers, largely because of one of his more secretive weapons underneath his coats sleeves. Unlike most who would simply hide a blade or a gun, he hides a flamethrower that can activate by a simple hand gesture. He makes many odd tactical weapons of his own such as flash bombs and other devices that are more strategic than harmful. One of which, he wears special golden headphones and will often attach mics through out places he's invading so when he is in one location he can still hear from another. Perhaps the weirdest thing about him is not just the inventions he attempts to create such as the Eater, but also a weapon that appears to be able to shift back and forth from gun, to sword, to knife, to whatever may suit his style and a white wolf. It is uncharacteristic of him not to take prisoners and he will often use and dispose of any useful mutants for his own gain. For the lucky or unfortunate mutants who are far too powerful to just dispose of he will enslave and use them on multiple missions. He can definitely be considered the scientist of the group.



The second in command of the hunters

At seventeen years old, all Kendall Whitney needed to worry about was getting into a good college. At eighteen years old, it was funeral money for his slaughtered family. He lost his father and sister in a mass shooting, and his mother shortly after to suicide. At nineteen, he was finally beginning to move on and live his life. And by twenty years old he'd managed to rope himself into a contract with a demon, successfully limiting his life to twenty more years. He couldn't tell you how it happened, except the thing was possessing the body of his younger sister and tried to pass as an angel. Kendall, now going by the name Kelly Randell, knew nothing of the supernatural world and believed her. He made the deal in return for getting his little sister back. His sister was returned to him, or rather, her corpse. Thus began Kelly's his hatred for all supernaturals. For the next year he researched everything he could about demons and other lore, eventually stumbling across the hunter's base and begging to join. At twenty-one years old, he was accepted into the hunters, and from there quickly began to climb the ranks. Eight years later he became proxy, and to this day works with the shadow hunter to keep the hunters safe, busy and in line, ever aware of his ticking clock.



The Healer

Quincy Martin is many things, but courageous is not one of them. Truth be told, he's a bit of a coward. He's not afraid of getting hurt, per say, or even of his job, which insists he must kill those who endanger the lives of humans. On the contrary, he takes pride in his abilities as a hunter. No, what he fears most is failure. If there's a chance his mission or hunt will go wrong, he's likely to try and discreetly pull out at the last moment. He values his near perfect track record, and really doesn't want to risk his reputation more than necessary. It's already bad enough that he's looked down upon as a half breed. Quin craves acceptance, and if poor integrity is what it takes, it's what it takes. That's not to say he has no morals, however. If someone is truly in danger, he'll risk more than his reputation to save them, injuries be d*mned. Overall, Quin is an anomaly in the hunters. It’s not everyday you see a non-human moving about in the organization freely and without a handler, after all. Although, as he frequently pleads, he’s not full supernatural either. He was raised by his human mother, who had hidden the fact that he wasn’t completely human until she no longer could. He learned soon after that his father was a siren who seduced her with his magic, leading to his inevitable conception. As a result, Quin’s allegiance lies with the humans, and he harbors a grudge against his father’s kind in particular. Still, he holds much more sympathy for supernaturals in general, and it isn’t totally unheard of for him to let someone go if he believes they’re innocent. He’s gotten into trouble because of it before, but it’s rare that someone can actually prove he’s to blame. Despite all that fate has thrown him, he remains a relatively happy person. He's managed to hold onto his genuine smiles, and even has a YouTube channel where he posts covers of songs and vlogs his daily life, excluding the part where he hunts supernaturals. It earns him money, and it's something he enjoys. The only potential downside would be his fanbase, which, though rather small and supportive, always seems to find him at the most inconvenient of times. He appreciates them, but he wishes they would stop following him into dangerous situations and testing his ability to make up stories on the spot.



The Healers Successor




hunter photo
They said he couldn't make it. From a long line of esteemed hunters, Finn seemed out of place. He's constantly smiling and laughing even when there's nothing to laugh about. He inherited none of his parents' quick thinking skills as he rarely paid attention and lacked common sense. Huge risks just seemed more interesting to him. His parents used to be major hunters, with smart tactics that almost always captured their prey. However, once he was born, they stopped their hunting to take care of him. They gave him the world: spent all their attention on him and rarely took on missions. When he became trainee age, they thought everything would go back to normal. That was before they realized Finn wasn't the prodigy they were hoping for. He never seemed to take things seriously, and he didn't take after the family tradition of knife wielding. Cuts were more likely to be found on himself than the target. He obeyed orders perfectly...until he got bored of them. And whenever he strayed from good advice, he'll most likely be found caught in the middle of a bad idea. Some say he watered down the family name and turned it into a joke. Some go far to say his parents left him because they were ashamed. In reality, his parents thought it would be best to leave him to grow independent, so they moved to Europe and left him in the states. Now he's left to carry the family legacy all by himself which made him worry more than he's ever done before. Although he was a lazy trainee, he's practiced hard on his knife skills and finds unconventional solutions to his problems. His parents still don't think he's up to par, but he isn't hunting for them anymore—he is hunting for himself.


trainee photo
Freya is not like most hunters. Most hunters, regardless of their age, have an interest in wiping out the supernatural creatures that live among them, trying to protect humanity by killing the creatures that could cause harm. She likes to take a very different approach. She likes to find the very thing that makes the monsters tick. She wants to get down deep into their very being and figure out what it is that makes them something other than a human. To what end? Well, it may be a clinical curiosity, and it may be a desire to fix the poor beasts of their inhumanity. Nobody really knows, and she herself isn't very keen on sharing her reasons. It is very well known, however, that this young lady gets quite the temper when she is denied the chance to properly study a new monster, going so far as to threaten the one who killed them. That being said, she's not a terribly violent person, and she doesn't seek to cause harm to anyone. This makes her a mediocre hunter, at best, but she's still an excellent investigator. When given a new species to learn about and understand, she tends to let loose, risking everything up to and including the life of her precious specimen. She often responds to a specimen's death in a detached way, viewing it as a weak specimen instead of any cruelty on her own part. In her eyes, every monster is just one piece to a bigger puzzle, and she likes to piece them together in whatever way works best. She has honed her artistic skills, being quite adept at drawing the humanoid body. More specifically, she likes to draw the bodies of those creature that she's allowed to investigate. Her favorite species to inspect are vampires and werewolves because they have regenerative abilities that fascinate and thrill her to no end. As for what drove her to this life? Well, she was an orphan, and when she found out that there was more than humans, she wanted to know more. She found her own way to the hunter society, and the rest is history, so far as she's concerned. She doesn't view any single person as a parent figure, instead considering most of the other hunters and huntresses to be her siblings, aunts, and uncles, even going so far as to refer to them as such in an absent minded way, even as she called herself 'the hunters' orphan'. Most hunts are done with other people, due to her being not so great at such things.

trainee photo
KACE DROIT houdini
Kace was never the golden child. He wasn't anyone's pride or joy; no one's reason to smile. He had a difficult childhood, seeing as his father, Andrew, passed away in a car accident shortly after he was born, leaving his mom draining bottles to numb the pain. While he'd never outright confess that his mother neglected him, he'd have to admit he'd been left out in the cold a little too much for comfort. Things changed somewhat when his mom started dating a man named Chris. Maybe he laughed a little too loud all the time and refused to look at him, but because of him, his mom didn't drink so much, so it was fine. Feelings only last for so long, however, as Kace was beginning to learn. Of course, when he'd heard he was going to be a big brother, he was ecstatic. He wouldn't stop smiling nearly all week. But he'd begun to notice the little giveaways that indicated Chris wasn't as happy with him being a part of the family. He claimed he was too quiet for a kid, that his eyes creeped him out, that he behaved like a surly teenager even though he had yet to hit his preteens. Most false accusations, of course, but it didn't really matter to his mom. Kace began to be chastised for things he had no knowledge of, or for blunders he didn't commit. There was never any physical harassment, but he would be denied meals, depending on the severity of the accusation, and even locked in a closet for hours on end. Which is why he's uncomfortable in small spaces and the dark. It was tough, but he tried to behave better. His brother was born a few months later, and after seeing him for the first time, Kace swore to himself to being the best older brother he could possibly be. Not long after his brother was born, his mom and Chris got into a heated argument, which resulted in the latter walking out the door for good. Kace couldn't help but feel slightly relieved. Even if he wasn't the best behaved, being punished for things he didn't deserve was really wearing down on his mind. For the next several years, things continued on much the same as they’d been before. Kace took it upon himself to continue cleaning up after his mom. He also took care of his brother, feeding him, helping with homework, giving him baths and tucking him into bed. He even walked him to and from school. Despite his home life being awful, Kace excelled in school. He eventually received his high school diploma at the age of seventeen, but decided against going to college because he wanted to continue studying on his own, and keep watch over his brother. It was because of his decision he was subjected to one of the worst arguments he'd ever been in. His mom blamed him, accusing him of doubting her parenting skills after he'd turned out the way he had. She went so far as to call his brother an "unnatural freak" that "deserved every punishment he'd never gotten", which was how Kace found out that Chris had been a witch, and that his younger brother would take after him. Kace snapped that night. He packed up his things and took his brother with him, ending up in a small apartment in New York that the wage from his new job barely covered.


familiar photo
Alik was born and raised Russian, living in Moscow until he turned seventeen. He was raised by his grandparents because his father died and his mother didn't want him. Although his grandparents heavily enforced traditions when he was young, Alik's interest dwindled with his discovery of the internet. From the age of eleven, he was constantly researching things. It was a place for him to learn about other cultures and languages, and it was largely because of the internet that he was able to form his own opinions and values. Despite all this, he managed to retain many Russian mannerisms, such as his initial standoffish behavior and stereotypical stubbornness that his people are associated with. When he turned sixteen his powers started developing, giving both him and his grandparents a huge shock. His grandfather wanted to throw him out of the house at first, but his grandmother protested, and so he eventually settled on ignoring Alik. His grandmother was always supportive, helping him discover new things he could try and keeping him from jumping off of buildings experimentally. In the next two years he'd all but mastered his capabilities at that point in time, although he was limited to practicing at night or in abandoned places. At the same time his grandfather had passed away, and though Alik was saddened, any connection he'd once had was gone after he'd learned of his powers. His death prompted his grandmother to go to America, bringing Alik with her. It wasn't until after they'd settled that Alik learned they'd immigrated there for his sake. His grandmother had known he'd wanted to live there for a long while, and decided to live out her last years with him in New York. She passed away shortly after he turned nineteen, leaving him with an apartment and her love. For a year he lived there relatively peacefully, and it wasn't until after he was twenty that he met his first hunter. He hadn't even known that they truly existed until the night he was caught practicing his ability under what he'd thought was an abandoned bridge. He'd been captured and forced to work as a familiar for the proxy of hunters.

familiar photo

familiar photo