Age: All users must be 13 due to ProBoards policies. Anyone found to be under the age of 13 will be banned until they turn 13

Content: Swearing and blood/ gore is allowed, but nudity and sexual content is prohibited. This includes a no tolerance for incest. Anyone who breaks this rule will receive a warning or banned based on severity.

Behavior: Everyone on this site is to be treated with respect. If you have bad blood with someone you’re expected to keep things civil. If someone harasses you please message Faith or Nova. This website is meant to be a safe place as well as a place away from typical internet drama. Disrespectful behavior or disrupting the peace of any kind will be dealt with on a case by case basis decided by the bosses

Plagiarism: Please do not plagiarize, you will be asked to take down the content, repeated offenders will get a warning or banned.

Bios: All images must be real images, no paintings, anime, dolls, etc. unless it somehow directly corresponds with your characters power (Such as if your characters power is to turn into a doll). You can only have four characters who are from twins, triplets, etc.

God Mode: God modding is prohibited, you may not roleplay someone else’s character without their permission and your character cannot be invincible unless it is during a plot event where you’ve been given permission to have your character be temporarily invincible. Every character has a weakness and can be defeated, no exceptions.

Advertising: Advertising is only allowed on the advertisement thread where it will be posted to the advertisement thread. You may advertise your website on your profile, but advertising your website anywhere else will result in a warning. Repeated offenders will be banned.

Double Accounts Using more than one account actively is not allowed, as well as using another account to pretend to be someone you're not.

The Quiet Dusk Policy: Nova and Faith reserve the right to give warnings or bans in any cases where we feel the well being of Quiet Dusk is being threatened.